Virtual Anthropology Links

Visible Human Server - A virtual anatomic construction kit on the web using the Visible Human dataset.

Chinese Visible Human -  provided by the Computing Medicine Institute of Chongqing in cooperation with the Visualization and Imaging Research Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Korean Visible Human (in german) Information about radiology.

ACM SIGGRAPH - Ray Tracing An online course about ray tracing, a global illumination based rendering method.

Virtual Showcases is introducing a new stereoscopic display system. The Virtual Showcase looks like a real showcase thus making it compatible with traditional museum displays.

Hominid Evolution Links

Becoming Human presents an interactive documentation about human origins, by Donald C.Johanson. (requires Macromedia Flashplayer 5 )

PALAEO.NET - A very informative website, which provides an overview of Friedemann Schrenk's projects ( Hominid Corridor Research Project, Uraha Foundation,etc.)
See also for information on the expedition in 2001, which was part of the Hominid Corridor Research Project.

The Leakey Foundation - Information about the Leakey family and their projects.

The Talk.Origins Archive deals with the subject of controversies between creationism and evolution theory. Special focus on " hominid species" and " hominid fossils".

CogWeb - Paleoanthropology - A site about the morphology, habitat and evolution of hominids, with focus on Australopithecus and Homo.

The Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Program - "Human Evolution At The Smithonian Institution" introduces the Human Origins Program with it's excavations in Kenya, India and South-China .

University of Minnesota Duluthi - Prehistoric Cultures - Detailed information about Australopithecus.

Steven Heslip Time-Space Chart of Hominid Fossils gives a very good listing of Hominid fossils from A.ramidus to modern H.sapiens (many pictures).

Human Origins features News about Hominids, plus some Articles.

Current Anthropology - the online magazin of the University of Chicago. Generic anthropology - not exclusively hominid-related topics.

Wenner-Gren Foundation Homepage

Paleoanthropology Society - Online-Journal of the Paleoanthropology Society in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania.

PBS - Evolution gives a short animated tour through our ancestors' history. - Electronic Resources for Paleoanthropology - the site provides a series of links to active databases in paleoanthropology and serves as a portal for users to share such databases.

Geometric Morphometrics Links

Morphometrics at SUNY Stony Brook provides a lot of information, news and downloads about GMM and features a list of People interested in geometric morphometrics.

Morphmet - The morphometrics mailing list

MorphoClub (in italian) A web site in which italian morphologists can receive and exchange information. Provides downloads, news, etc.

Morphometrics forum A forum containing discussions about topics related to geometric morphometrics. It is intended for postings that may be of interest longer than what is usually posted to the morphmet listserver.

Morphology A server containing information on mathematical morphology and related topics.