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The Data-Media are including data from high resolution computed tomography in several formats (Analyze 7.5, 3D-Viewnix 1.2, TIFF, VRML 2.0), references to the specimen, and pictures.

View the digital archive of fossil hominoids

Our main goal is to facilitate morphological investigations of such specimens by providing digital data for the international scientific community. The countries of origin consider themselves as keepers of world heritage objects, which they indeed are.
Therefore, funds generated from the sale of Data-Media will be mainly used (less manufacturing costs) to support institutions concerned with heritage projects in the country of origin of a particular fossil.

The 3D-data can be used to reconstruct a virtual object within a computer environment, where all essential manipulations like rotating, translating, partitioning, sectioning, measuring, scaling, magnifying, or capturing images are feasible.

Researchers can take all traditional measurements on landmarks, but also work with the complete digitised surface orvolume data. Moreover, a ‘look inside’ is permitted without dismembering the original specimen. Much more quantitativedata for comparative morphology can be obtained in that way. The e-fossil is on your desk and guarantees permanentavailability (24/7) for your research.

Supported by Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Austrian Council for Science and Technologie: AD 387/25-30