2015-2017 Die innere Struktur der Venus von Willendorf und die Herkunft ihres Rohmaterials
Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung K3-F-488_001 FA768001

2014-2017 A 21st century approach to the study of historic violin bodies
Austrian National Bank
(OeNB), Anniversary Fund No. 16121

2014-2017 Dental Abrasion in Austrian Historic Samples
Siegfried Ludwig - Rudolf Slavicek Stipendienstiftung FA547016

2011-2014 3D-Craniometry for Dentistry
A.E.R.S. Dental Medicine Organisations GmbH FA547013
The Mechanics of Primate and Early Hominid Feeding within the Context of Hypotheses about Australopithecine Diets
National Science Foundation (NSF), USA, NSF 01-120 FA547006

2006-2009 European Virtual Anthropology Network (EVAN)
European Commission 6th FP - Marie Curie Research Training Network MRTN-CT-2005-019564
2004-2006 The 3D Archive of Fossil Hominid Anatomy for Research and Teaching
Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture GZ200.093_I-VI_2004

2001-2004 Morphological comparison and fragment reassembly of fossil and modern skulls using parameterised reference models
Austrian Science Foundation P14738-B02

1998-2000 Virtual Anthropology - 3D-Reconstructions of fossil and modern skulls
Austrian National Bank
(OeNB), Anniversary Fund No. 7293